My Crafty Archive Post

So I have been on this kick about diving into my pinterest craft board. I pin so many great crafty things but never get time to make them or use them as inspiration.

Is it nice to reinvent the wheel? Yes, but sometimes it is nice just to draw off of someone else's creative juices and be inspired by their work. Alot of time I have to improvise because I don't have the same products or I just get going and go off on my own trail. Either way it is still a challenge and I like it! Today my challenge was finding similar products to replicate this card by Joelle. I love the fresh look to it.



Here is my version...


May flowers card (5)
So go ahead and find some great pinterest crafts and use those as a springboard for your creativity! And remember sometimes it is nice to be able to use what you have as opposed to buying new things. Let's face it papercrafters...we already have a ton in our own stash! And besides now I won't feel bad about getting new things because I have used what I already have.  ;-)

~Happy Crafting!

I love Wendy Cranford's card swap that she does for her clients every month. This month I was very inspired by PTI make it Monday challenge.


I really love the clean lines and simplicity. Another perk is that I used all scraps! I always have great scraps coming out my ears. I love when I dive in and use them in such a fun way. Go ahead and give it a try!


Using the same card sketch I created this card set with cupcake toppers. My cousin's 21st birthday is tomorrow and she is quite the baker, I think she even wants to open a cupcake shop. I thought this little gift was appropriet for her. Happy Birthday Monica!!

Today I took my kids for a walk to the post office on Main Street, it was so nice to be outside enjoying the first day of spring. Sarah hopped on her bike, Elijah pulled out his razor scooter and we were off. Everything went well with the exception of the slug in Sarah's hair and a couple of crashes for Eli. But there was one very exciting part of our little outing.

Sarah stopped to check out some flowers and lo and behold a bumble bee was in the flower gathering the pollen. We stood there for a long time and watched as it carefully gathered and kept the pollen on its legs and back. It was pretty amazing. Yet just one of many of God's glorious creations.

Well I was very inspired by that moment, and thinking how blessed we were to encounter such a simple yet beautiful thing on the first day of spring. So of course I had to put my inspiration to paper! So here you go...


I am pressed for time so I wont be able to post my supplies, but hopefully tonight. I can tell you this. American crafts, Papertrey Ink, Stampin Up, Sizzex, Spellbinders, Stampendous!.

I have had this bee stamp for quite a while and have never used it. I guess it was waiting for it's own special inspiration. Happy Spring everyone and blessings on a new season!


A is for Apricot

Moxie Fab Tuesday Trigger


In my effort to challenge myselfwith colors, I decided to play along in this Tuesday Trigger. I do love everything about the picture. Including the colors. I was a bit inspired by this because it can have a masculine feel to it as well. Here is my perspective of the Tuesday Trigger picture.



While making this card I had an elderly man in mind that I met whose in a hard time right now. His wife is dying. He is a stranger to me and I will never see him again I am sure, let alone send him this card; but I just wanted him to know how special he and his wife are.

Go check out the Moxie Fab Trigger for a chance to participate.





I play favorites. I hate that I do but sometimes I just can't help it. I love yellow and green. I rarely create a project without using a lot of those colors. I have been trying to get better by challenging myself to use colors I would normally never use; not because I don't like them, but I'm just not drawn to them as much. I saw this color pallet on Pinterest (of course) and I liked it, but instantly knew I would normally never use them in my crafting. There is one color in this pallet that I do use often (summer sunrise) but not with these other colors.


Gorgeous color pallet and very inspiring, don't you think?  Perfect color combo to jump start my challenge just as we enter spring. Most of my colors in my project are pretty close; but the first color I just could not find a close enough match so I improvised a little.

Succulents (2)

The piece of darker blue peeking out is the color I improvised on. I still was able to fit in a little green and yellow with the bird picture, but let me assure you it is a lot less than normal!

I would love to hear what you think about this color challenge or even some constructive criticism on what maybe you would have done differently.

Thanks for taking a look and check back next Sunday for hopefully another color challenge. Also I would love to see your work using this color combo so please share a link in the comment section!



And now for yellow and green! I do have to stay true to myself and I just could not help but throw in these little cuties.



I have a large myer lemon tree in my yard and it produces so many lemon! It is a little overwhelming. But my neighbor helps me juice most of them. I put the juice in the little half pint canning jars and I made these to go around them to give as little gifts. I just love them!


So I have been busy fitting in a little crafting here and there during this holiday weekend.  For my first project I will show I hope to have a video tutorial up in a few days. Unfortunately the sound card went bad in my computer so I cant get one up at this moment. I saw something similar online using the Stampin Up milk carton die. I do not have that die and seeing as how I was going crazy just wanting to make it, I set out to make it using my score board. I just adore this paper from Crate Paper and I wish I had a dress, curtains, comforter, etc in this floral pattern!







Next is a little box I made to hold my pesky glue sticks. However, now that they are in this box with these cute little pinwheels, they aren't so pesky! When I get my sound back up I will do a quick tutorial on how to make a pinwheel. I hot glued my pinwheels to some sticks my little sarah found for me out in the yard.




Next is my recipe book. I have so many recipes on pinterest that I just love and have been wanting to organize into a book. What I am going to do is save the pictures of the recipes, have them printed out through Costco, then adhere them to little pockets in the book. In each pocket will be a tab to pull and the recipe for that picture will be right in the little pocket.
I don't know about you but I like to see a picture of a recipe. I will rarely make something from a recipe book that does not have a picture. Who knows maybe one day I will publish a "My Favorite Recipes from Pinterest book" filled with pictures of delicious and inspiring foods!
So here is my front cover, I used thick acrylic sheets for my front and back cover. I will have inside pictures up very soon, HOPEFULLY!